Justin R. Evans Consulting
Hire Justin Evans To Speak
I'm occasionally hired to teach highly actionable and motivational content. I draw on personal experience as well as my extensive research in the psychology of learning. 

Most speakers are hired to generate hype and inspiration. With this approach, the effects generally wear off after a few days, and your employees return to prior habits and their previous level of initiative. 

When I teach, I focus on content that can be immediately implemented in your business to achieve instant results. I leave your audience feeling invigorated with a fresh approach to help them reach mindset shifts that positively impact their business and personal lives. 

Additionally, I’m hired to teach creative design strategies, entrepreneurship, and leadership.
A Few Of My Keynotes
THE 21st CENTURY: A Cultural Monsoon
How To Leverage Company Culture To Achieve A Higher Net Profit. 
Most entrepreneurs think that adding a couch to the break room or treating their employees to dinner is the way to create a company culture that attracts right-fit employees. False! This keynote will help your audience discover how to create a culture that focuses on results and can be leveraged to enhance every aspect of their employee's lives: personal and business. 
Your Moonshot Will Create New Baseline
Your Employees Will Teach Themselves New Tricks, And They Won't Even Realize They're Doing It.
Using this gamified approach, I've been able to help companies reach peak performance and establish new baselines for marketing and production. New baselines are generally 200-400% higher than the previous performance, and employees don't even notice the change. 
The Sweet Spot Where Traction Occurs
Train Your Employees To Become Expert Problem Solvers. 
When people hear the words "training" and "accountability," they generally tune out. They know deep down that these things are essential, and have read a million books telling them why. However, more often than not, these two things lead to wasted time, money, and effort. This training will help your audience break through the common pitfalls and identify the "sweet spot" for exponential growth, follow-through, and creativity within their company. 
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